Ambulance – Tallapoosa Emergency Medical Services

Ambulance – Tallapoosa Emergency Medical  Services
OPEN 24/7

Emergency Medical Transport Open Daily 24/7

Always call 911 and don’t drive yourself to the Emergency Department if you are having a true Emergency!

In urgent situations where life or death is at stake, immediate attention is crucial. Timely access to emergency health care can make all the difference in saving lives. Speed and efficiency are paramount, ensuring that individuals receive the necessary treatment in the shortest possible time.Prompt and effective treatment is crucial in cases of life-or-limb-threatening situations.

Dialing 911 is the best option when you require immediate medical attention.

Emergency Examples: Chest Pain or Pressure, Compound fracture (bone protrudes through the skin), head injury, pnemonia, seisure, severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath, sudden severe headache, paralysis, weakness, uncontrolled bleeding…

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