Covid 19 Updates

For updates, check out the latest news from the CDC Coronavirus Dashboard:

As well as their extensive Covid Data Tracker page:

All Ivy Creek locations will remain open for business, and we ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. We encourage all patients to call their primary care office if they feel sick and get instructions before arriving at your provider’s office.

It is very important that no one ignores any symptoms they are experiencing. Healthcare will continue within the Ivy Creek Healthcare system and we are here for your needs. We are still in the peak of flu season and it is important that those symptoms are not ignored in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are promoting social distancing, wash your hands regularly and sanitize when you can’t use soap and water. Avoid large crowds and gatherings, and try and keep 6ft between you and other people.

Special thanks to the Alabama Hospital Association for their part in helping get information to its members in a timely manner and for all the assistance they are providing.

We are extraordinally proud of the rural healthcare in our state. In the face of a pandemic every rural healthcare provider has maintain a level of cooperation, professionalism, and calm that is sorely needed during this crisis.

To Our EMA, first responders, political officials and the citizens of our communities, we thank you all.

To our healthcare team, our doctors, nurses, techs, MLT, housekeeping, all that have had a hand in the fight against this pandemic, we thank you. Each discipline has a special role to play.

Together we will overcome this crisis with teamwork and a commitment to do the right thing for our patients, staff, and community members.