Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the services and packages we have available to you and your family.

What types of memberships are available?

The Wellness Center at Lake Martin offers single memberships that can be purchased monthly or annually starting at $35. Family memberships included immediate family members that live in the same household. Youth memberships, 15-17 years old, are available also.

What is the cost for tanning services?

Tanning services are available one month unlimited listed at $27.50. 10 visits for $16.50. 1 visit for $5.50.

What services are included in membership?

Water aerobics, yoga , and ab classes are part of the memberships as well as access to the gym and smoothie bar.

What are the benefits of water aerobics?

Water Aerobics provides buoyancy and support, increases muscular endurance, improves flexibility, improves cardio vascular conditioning, and burns calories.

Why Juice?

Juicing provides a wide variety of health benefits including reducing constipation, improving digestion, increasing vitality, and weight reduction.

What services are available are Lake Martin Lasar Hair Removal?

Lasar Hair Removal is permeant hair removal that can be performed on the head, face, bikini area, and back. Results can be seen with the very first session . Most people will need four to six sessions to achieve the desire results.