Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Chronic Care Management Program services benefit me?

You will have access to a dedicated care manager that will assist you with common healthcare needs, such as care coordination, appointment management, medication assistance, educational support and much more. Think of your care manager as your personal mentor that is available to assist you with attaining an overall goal of health and wellness. Your care manager is partnering with your physician to help you better manage your conditions and keep you healthy.

Why does my physician think I need Chronic Care Management services?

Your physician feels that based on your medical history, you would benefit from having a care manager to assist you with managing your health conditions beyond the physician’s office walls. Once your physician creates your treatment plan, your care manager will be there to help you in any way to assist you to better manage your conditions, which will help you to remain healthier. Your care manager will have access to other services that may be beneficial to assist you in controlling your chronic conditions.

Does this mean that my physician thinks I am sick, or not doing as well as I should be?

Not at all. Medicare has provided this service to patients in order to keep them healthy and to provide them with assistance in meeting their health goals and needs. This service provides yet another resource available to you to help you become more proactive with your healthcare needs.

Say I have specific needs that I would like to work on, such as diet, smoking cessation, or exercise. Can my care manager help me with these, even though they are not a “chronic condition?”

Chronic Care Management services are provided to you outside of the office. This means no additional office visits, co-pays for office visits, scheduling worries or conflicts for you to worry about. Your care manager will contact you on the telephone at times that are convenient and discussed with you. Your care manager will also send you information in the mail or through e-mail.

Can my care manager help me with scheduling appointments and follow-ups?

Yes, your care manager will work with you to help you plan and coordinate your healthcare needs. This can mean assisting you with scheduling preventive services, such as mammograms and wellness visits, to keep you healthy. You can also contact your care manager directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Does this mean I cannot call my physician anymore if I get sick? Do I need to call my care manager instead?

You should continue to contact your physician for acute needs and illnesses. As always, your physician is your primary healthcare team leader. Think of your care manager as an additional resource to your physician’s care team.

How much will the Chronic Care Management Program services cost me?

Your physician will bill you for Chronic Care Management services, only if you have traditional Medicare and no supplemental insurance. Please keep in mind that you are investing in your healthy future. By participating in Chronic Care Management services, you are taking a more proactive approach to your healthcare and limiting more costly events in the future, such as ER visits and hospitalizations. Please consult your insurance plan for further details.

If I sign up and then decide later that I do not want to participate in the Chronic Care Management Program services, can I cancel them?

Yes, if for any reason you decide that you no longer wish to participate in Chronic Care Management services, you may cancel your services any time with no further obligation.

How do I know if these services are right for me?

If you are a Medicare patient with 2 or more of the listed illnesses on our services page, contact us today, and meet your personal Chronic Care Coordinator.