Medical Review Officer

Dr. Gerald Sweeney, a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO), is ready to review and report your workplace drugscreens. Dr. Sweeney currently serves as MRO for multiple companies.

The process for reviewing drug screens is very thorough and follows these guidelines:

MRO receives the drug screen results from the reference laboratory that tested the specimen
If the result is positive, calls are made daily until the donor is contacted to verify the validity of the test result.
Upon contacting the donor, if there is a legitimate prescription for the positive test result, our MRO will contact the prescribing physician and/or the dispensing pharmacy to validate the prescription. If the result cannot be verified to be legal or the donor cannot be contacted within the defined time limit, the result shall be reported to the requesting company.
If the positive test result cannot be confirmed to be legal, the test is reported out as negative.

These procedures are a general guideline on the process and in no way shall be constituted as the exact process in the event that policies, laws, regulations, etc. change or differ from this procedure. All procedures are done in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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