What Can We Do For You?

Breath Alcohol Test

Breath Alcohol Reconfirm

TB Skin Test

CXR for TB

L-Spine X-Ray


Flu Shot

Glucose Finger Stick

Rabies Vaccine

Tdap Injection

Hepatitis AB Vaccine

Hepatitis A Titer

Hepatitis B Surface AB

Hepatitis B Surface AG

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B Titer

Hepatitis C AB w/ REFL to HGV

Varicella Titer

MMR Titer

Hemoglobin A1C

Blood Lead Level - OSHA

Blood Lead Level - Redular

HIV Lab Test

Infectious Skin Lesions Exam

DOT Physical Exam

Urinalysis Dipstick

Non-DOT Physical Exam

Sports/School Physical

Emergency Response Team Phys

Fit for Duty Physical Exam


Audiometry Questionnaire

Pulmonary Function Test

Respiratory Fit Test (smoke)

Review Respiratory Questionnaire

Hair Collection

Hair Collection/Test

Urine Drug Screen Instant Test

Urine Drug Screen (UDS) Coll

UDS Complete (coll & test)

Synthetic Marijuana Test

Medical Review of Negative OS

Medical Review of Positive OS

Eye/Color Exam

Weight Check

Wellness Screening (basic)

Wellness + Cancer Screening