Frequently Asked Questions

What does hospice provide and pay for?

The hospice benefit provides and pays for a variety of things. Hospice pays for medications, equipment, and supplies that are related to the hospice diagnosis or are medically necessary for palliation of symptoms. Our team of expert nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, chaplains, etc are all also provided by the hospice benefit.

Do I have to pay a co-pay or meet a deductible?

No you do not. the hospice benefit is a 100% covered benefit. That means there is never any charge for anything that the hospice benefit provides.

Does my loved one qualify for hospice?

The answer may be Yes! An Ivy Creek Hospice nurse will be glad to talk with you about the hospice benefit and/or come to the patient's home to evaluate if the patient qualifies or not. Qualifications vary depending on the diagnoses of the patient, the rate of decline, the goals of the patient.... lots of things! It is best to inquire about hospice early.

I always hear I will die quickly if hospice is called in. Is that true?

Absolutely not! Hospice does nothing to hasten death. Research shows that patients with terminal illnesses live LONGER with hospice than if they did not have hospice. Hospice is not here to help you die! Lake Martin Hospice is here to help you LIVE until you die!

Do I have to give up my doctor?

The answer is "no." At Ivy Creek Hospice, we recognize the special relationship you have with your doctor and your doctor has with you. It is always your choice as to who you want to manage your care.