Our Services

Specialized Nurses

Ivy Creek Hospice nurses are specialized and educated in palliative care and pain control. They work with patients to establish and maintain comfort as well as a quality of life.

Home Care Aides

Ivy Creek Hospice home care aides provide personal care services; they are there to assist with basic needs like nutrition, cleanliness, and household tasks.

Social Workers

Ivy Creek Hospice social workers are there to ensure your loved one and your family process the emotional end-of-life issues.

Spiritual Care Counselors

Ivy Creek Hospice spiritual care counselors are available to guide patients in meeting their spiritual needs as the end-of-life approaches. They provide spiritual support to family members if desired as well as bereavement counseling.


Ivy Creek Hospice will provide volunteers as needed for valuable companionship, emotional support and help in many ways.

Medical Equipment

Ivy Creek Hospice will provide medical equipment and a supplement of personal care items.


Ivy Creek Hospice covers medications related to the terminal illness and those needed for symptom management